Wesley L. Walker
  Dave W. Kerber
Chief Executive Officer



Wesley L. Walker, President

     Rusty Walker is the President of Absolute Logistics. He has over 35 years’ experience in the rail, warehousing and trucking industries. Mr. Walker began his career with Nexus Distribution in the Chicago area. As a part owner of Nexus Warehouse, he was instrumental in the building of Nexus as a major handler of paper and other commodities.

     Mr. Walker then took a position with the Transportation Service Systems, Inc. (TSSI), a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Railroad, becoming Vice President and General Manager. In this position, he learned the necessity to develop innovative approaches for combining rail, warehousing and trucking to secure the best value for his customers.

     Mr. Walker left TSSI and has refined supply chain concepts that have resulted in shipper success in expanding their markets to areas that had been previously barred to them as a result of high transportation costs or inefficient logistics solutions.



Dave Kerber, Chief Executive Officer

     Dave Kerber is the Chief Executive Office of Absolute Logistics. He graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado and obtained a law degree from Duke University.

     After Mr. Kerber left the Air Force, he joined a major law firm in Denver Colorado specializing in labor and human resource issues relating to complex mergers and acquisitions. He also assisted clients in the strategic development of their businesses as well as the purchase and sale of corporate entities.

     In 1997, Mr. Kerber joined forces with Rusty Walker to create Absolute Logistics. For the past 20 years, Mr. Kerber has been designing complex logistics solutions for those customers who want to turn logistics into a competitive advantage for their company’s products.












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